for data collection, please state your race

by mposadasn


the bad taste into your mouth, and you disengage; the comfort to rest, privilege.

it’s the people that have to work twice or thrice as hard:

If I am at a Christian college, protesting the mistreatment of individuals who identify with a sexuality other than heterosexuality
If I am at a Christian college, and I am mujer, and I spell my name thrice for you, and my studies suffer – the response does not become

I see what you are saying

my words are discounted because – how could I disengage from my invitation to higher education?

And the powerful become the oppressed when a voice tries to withdraw from the structure of civility.

My voice becomes ungrateful of the space I had to talk- it could have been well utilized space by someone else.

I choose white when my college asks, for statistical purposes, for my race. Because white has become the expectation for everyone to work the Sabbath, because you have already earned your way to remaining in peace.