You will not listen to me.

by mposadasn

You will not listen to me.

Like the voices of the women that were molested by the Duggar boy, you will not listen. Because there is power in muting the injustice of the individual, and power is what we crave the most in this world. We bellow for the opportunity to fall in love, because love as we’ve come to digest and inherit by the vocabulary we’ve been taught, presents us with the power to control who it is that acknowledges our life. We desire the power to advance and establish the autonomy of growth for our families; we are formed by the power to maintain hierarchies, and have the power to fight for the lower levels of those hierarchies. And to maintain this knowledge, is the power to keep those individuals at the bottom, from only having the possibility of a power to dream of advancing, without the freedom to advance.

You and I will find no fault in the part that you play in this, nor fallacy in the way you think, because the very backbone of being a part of this cycle is the power to avoid struggle—and this avoidance prevents the development of intuition. Instead, you persuade your neighbor by making them feel something and you die a martyr or a saint because you’ve brought salvation to your table and my table. We acknowledge pain, and our rhetoric is to make you and me feel it. And trauma saves us, because we are taken out of listening to the very struggle that brought power before us. Salvation being the evangelization of any school of thought and, or belief that you believe has the power to maintain control and your arrogance so you can find yourself in the other and nourish a sense of being known for your pain. Your voice never really gets across, and this does let you see yourself in the other because you’ve traumatized them with you pain and struck them with the ignorance of calling forth the presence of voice.

So, what is it that wakes us up to the Sunday morning of resurrection? Because we are still asleep. The end of power is not the answer– we cannot end it as a fact anyways.

But we have no development in the capacity to perceive predator and prey: to confess that you and me can be both, and to confess that often we are one or the other. And this is what can separate the individual who cannot perceive power as the source of most ideas and yearnings and the individual who acknowledges power and listens to it—listens in order to act towards honor: the honor of voice in a person and its honoring by a listening that transcends the sense of hearing. May you feel your hands tingle with the possibility to advance in mutuality, because you fight to gain vision and integrity through the growth of your intuition. May you understand that you have the power to leave, to leave a place, part from a person with honor, leave the predator and extend your hands to the gift of growing. May you know that power is controlling, but it can also be nourished into an empowering way of being alive and waking up from its control.

Inherit this, a life of attentiveness and waking up. Become aware that in trauma, in power, in silence, in oppression—you, you, you and me, we have voice.

But you may still, not listen.