by mposadasn

The crazy adventure is close to coming to an end. We have arrived to Prague, our final destination, after having rolled and tumbled through all type of isane travesty. The last time I wrote we were in Florence… That is where the third musketeer joined in this odd pilgrimage. I hope you one day get to meet her because she has “home” in her eyes. I don’t believe there is one person that does not feel welcomed through the warmth in her eyes. It has been a beautiful thing to see each of our personalities intertwine and fall in rhythm with each other, but I think the value lies in each other’s determination to be stretched by the odd peculiarities that each brings to the table. I hope to go more into detail later about what I’ve learned about living in community… In VERY close (and insanely hot) quarters.

God has obviously more than met all the prayers… and has made every one of my expectations explode. So good. But it has also been extremely painful at times. I think that’s what I will be talking more on later: prayer and getting stretched.

So, in short. God is amazing; we are safe and sound. Oh… I saw Moctezuma’s headdress this morning… it was crazy…. and dumb that everything was in German so I understood nada of the little explanations on the sides. Anyway… more to come later!

Be blessed.