So, this girl here has no idea how

by mposadasn

So, this girl here has no idea how to keep a blog. What is the internet.

No, but now that I have finally convinced myself to get my butt back to writing on a keyboard I want to catch you up on a little bit of what’s been going on in this crazy world of your truly.

I am getting ready to go on a crazy, crazy trip all over Europe. I will be embarking on this journey in about two weeks. I honestly don’t know what I got myself into… Except that I will be in very good company and I’m hoping to fill two journals worth of badly put together sentences and crazy thoughts. Also, if you didn’t know already that God is awesome… He is so stinking awesome. He’s sending me to another side of the world to be lifted into the sky by plane and introduced to loving radically in foreign lands, in another language, and even more difficult- accepting radical love. So here we go, more stories and updates to come!