So I’m driving. And I’m driving next to

by mposadasn

So I’m driving. And I’m driving next to a truck that is obviously killing the planet with all the smog it exerts. But,

All my windows are down, and apart from the smell of pollution, I’m enjoying this new [rented] car I get to drive while my own gets fixed (another story in itself), and the breeze is a soft hand on my cheeks as I drive home. 

My heart starts pounding, and I know God is getting excited. But I just feel him looking at me. My memory does a spin, and I begin to go through everything that has happened this past year in very fast motion. The feelings attached to each memory also roll through. So, I’ve always been really terrible at a couple of things: remembering dates where significant things happen, multi tasking, and remembering names. But tonight, my heart beat remembered that exactly a year ago it almost stopped beating. The wind kept rolling in, kept tickling my nose. God was so excited, I could not help but join into his celebration with great laughter. 

The truck is still next to me. But, in with the wind came a strong waft of a rose field. I’m not even sure if there is such a thing, rose fields. But I think God has them. And for about ten minutes we just sat there and celebrated life with His heavenly scent. About five minutes before I had to turn to get home, the scent left. But we kept driving and talking our hearts out. 

I love that I can’t remember, but he does. And he remembers all my favorite things. 

He’s my favorite, and the beat he makes in my heart.