by mposadasn

The kisses of the wind
make my eyes write praise on 
these cheeks-

Sometimes, gulped down by
the knight of sin,
dusk is my pew
and your dew falls afresh from 
the freckled love you’ve drawn above my thoughts.

You woo my mind, captivate my spirit-
suspend my faith with clothespins upon the 
depth of your constellations.

My soul hangs at the tip of the Foolishness 
of your tongue
and I cry, pierced by the eternity
and vastness of the victory you have drawn with my veins

I am small, sleeping often
in the dark hanging like a muddled towel
I forget my skin
is sown by the buttons of your bosom- 
your needle always piercing the knight.

Your Son impregnates the song into the pores of 
being, his rays draw your freckles into 
a galaxy of love across the canvas of my heart

Where there was nothing, and darkness lied
I was woken by
your kisses in the wind; they write praises
across my cheeks,
those cheeks that sing of star gazing with you, every night.